Membership Fees and Donations

25 (Medium)On 31.3.15, “Marching Together Toward a Mutual Future” was classified as a non-profit organization in the Nazareth V.A.T. office.

Raising Donations

We are in a process of raising donations, the purpose being to deepen and widen the extent of our activities.

Any donations are welcome by bank transfer to the bank account listed below or by check.

Payment of Membership Fees

At the Governing Council meeting held on 23.7.15, we decided to begin having members pay membership fees to the movement. Payment of membership fees provide a wide base for funding Movement activities which are solely supported by donations. An annual Membership Fee of 100 N.I.S. or 50 N.I.S. semi-annually was set. Family Membership Fee is 150 N.I.S. It is possible, of course, to donate higher amounts.

For information and questions, please contact the Financial Officer of the Movement:

David Drori, cell number – 0508594405 or e-mail at:

We also decided to create a “Transaction Council”, which will meet at least once a year. The Transaction Council includes all members with voting rights among the Movement’s institutions. Voting rights in the Transaction Council require payment of membership fees. Members who have decided not to pay, are regarded as Movement Supporters, and will be permitted to participate in all Movement activities but will not have voting rights.

Bank Account Number for Bank Transfers:

  • Paid to: “Marching together Toward a Mutual Future”
  • Bank: Hapoalim Bank
  • Branch: 727 – Afula
  • Account Number: 512767

If you pay by bank transfer, please e-mail David Drori with the details.

You may also pay by sending a check in the mail. In both cases, you will receive a receipt. The check should be made out to ” Marching together Toward a Mutual Future” and sent to the following address:

Marching together Toward a Mutual Future Non-Profit Organization,

1 Office Buildings, Kibbutz Sarid, 3658900

In order to receive an invoice/receipt for a donation or membership fee donation, please fill in the following details: (you can send an e-mail to David Drori with payment details instead of filling out this form)